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Delivering Happily Ever Afters

With over 40 years of combined experience, Beth Frazer & Associates, Inc. offers a commitment to excellence and customer service while providing some of Oriental NC’s most appealing vacation rentals and real estate. We have in-depth knowledge of local communities, such as the beloved Oriental Village, and the award-winning boating community River Dunes.  Beth Frazer & Associates, Inc. has access to listings you’ve been waiting your entire life to find.  Let us do the research for you and find homes or riverfront vacation rentals that suit your needs.

Meet the Team

Beth Frazer

Office: (252) 249-1001
Cell: (252) 670-4085

Beth has been in real estate for fifteen years in the Oriental markets. Of those years, she has worked in general real estate brokerage as well as on-site amenitized community sales with River Dunes, an award winning Master Planned community.

Adam Lassen

Operation Director
Office: (252) 249-1001

As our Operations Director, Adam is charged with program development, our ever-expanding Vacation Rental Program and the new Maintenance and Housekeeping Programs. Adam has been tasked with implementing fresh, innovative systems with the sole purpose of enhancing our guest experience and all the while increasing revenues for our property owners.  Adam holds a Master’s Degree from John Hopkins University in Engineering and has built a successful career in developing results-focused, cross-functional projects and programs.  We are excited to have Adam onboard and to have his new ‘lens’ targeted on our existing efforts.  We are confident that Adam’s demonstrated and innate abilities to optimize efficiencies, develop critical processes and his proven leadership of successful teams is just the skill set we need to reach new heights.

Adam is the primary contact for our Vacation Rental Owners.  Questions about your home, how your home is featured, housekeeping and maintenance issues, contact Adam.

Gigi Roberson

Office: (252) 249-1001

Gigi Roberson is our Broker-in-Charge.  She graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Business and a Minor in Finance.  Gigi has a unique understanding of the entire spectrum of our business model; from the systems we employ to an in-depth understanding of the sales and the rental processes and how they all flow together.  She can float seamlessly between sales and rentals without missing a beat.  She is a wealth of knowledge and know-how.   In the simplest of terms:  Gigi ties our various business pieces together and keeps us compliant with the ever-changing NC Real Estate Laws and Standards of Practice.  Gigi possesses strong organizational skills, is technically savvy, she works well with our customers and clients alike, and she is brand conscience as she seeks new and fresh ways to enhance the level of service we provide our customers.  Most recently, Gigi’s focus has been on retooling our long-term program and she also works to support our Accommodations Agent.

If you have questions about Long Term Rentals, please contact Gigi.

Cat Martinez

Vacation Rentals Accommodations Agent
Office: (252) 249-1001

Cat Martinez is our Vacation Rentals Accommodations Agent. We love, love, love Cat’s enthusiasm and salesmanship.  She possesses the BEST blend of gentility, warmth and quiet strength.  She is sure to charm our owners and vacation rental guests alike.  Simply stated:  Sales is the transference of enthusiasm and Cat has that hands down.  Her passion for customer service and the guest experience is unrivaled.  Cat is a working mother of six (yes SIX…that’s not a typo) and is vastly familiar with our area and local waters.  She understands boating, the great outdoors, wellness, the importance of beach excursions and why our area is such a hidden treasure.  Already in a short amount of time–4 weeks to be exact–Cat has booked 106 tenant reservations with a total number of 477 days!  She has hit the ground running.   At the office, we have learned to stay out of the way between her and the telephone. We can’t wait for you to have the pleasure of working with her.

If you have a question about guest reservations, owner’s reservations, concierges services please contact Cat.

Matt McCotter

Digital Media Manager
Office: (252) 249-1001

Hometown: Arapahoe, NC

Birthday: September 2nd 

College: East Carolina University – GO PIRATES!

Degree: BS in Industrial Engineering



  1. Beach Music – (The Embers, The Tams, The Four Tops)
  2. Food: Shrimp & Grits
  3. Hobbies: Sailing & teaching others to do so
  4. Hobbies: Hiking
  5. Movie: Second Hand Lions
  6. Book: Right Now – Alexander Hamilton by; Ron Chernow


Random Facts

  1. Grew Up & Worked at Camp Sea Gull
  2. Love Musicals
  3. Love to Shag Dance
  4. Has an itch to travel


Things don’t just happen, We make them happen. 

Wyatt Taylor


Bucket List

  1. Explore Machu Picchu in Peru
  2. Skydiving
  3. See John Mulaney Live
  4. Explore Uganda in Africa